Our enrichment program introduces a structured learning environment that includes a teacher directed and student directed approach to learning. Each day of the week students will focus on a particular area of development;



Monday- Music & Movement

Introductory Lesson

Tuesday- Early Literacy

Wednesday- Writing Development

Thursday- Science/ Social Studies

Friday- Mathematics

Our students explore creativity by engaging in arts and crafts and daily hands on learning activities that correspond with the lesson plan/unit theme. Interactive learning occurs between children and teachers through exploration and by fostering creative thinking. Tee Spot Reaching Higher Heights ensures a program that targets the students developmental needs in social-emotional, self- help, cognitive, and physical areas.


Early Stages I & II Program
6 weeks - 24 months

Our Early Stages Program recognizes the significance in development during your child’s first years. We recognize developmental milestones, early linguistic usage, and encourage biosocial development.  We nurture, establish relationships and provide a sense of security during your time of absence.  



 Discovery & Learning  Program
2-3 years


Our Learning and Discovery Program acknowledges uniqueness of individual growth.  During the second year of your child’s growth, they develop independence and curiosity. A new phase of development occurs. Our Learning and Discovery Program encourages self-help, play, creativity, and exploration of their world.  Your child will build friendships and self-esteem; becoming the leader he/she is intended to be. Your child will discover themselves and the world around them.


Ready, Set, Prep

3 -5 years

Our Ready, Set, Prep Program prepares our students for what is ahead, their future. Students are provided with a learning rich classroom environment that stimulates cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development. We challenge our students to thrive academically as well as socially, mentally and physically helping to preparing them for the road to excellence.  



Independent Learning Program
School-Aged years

Our Independent Learning Program is offered over summer months only. This program is offered to families of school-age students.