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Family Feedback

N. Aragon

Tee Spot is one of the best daycares my daughter has attended. One thing every parent questions is whether or not their child will do well, educationally and socially in a new daycare. At Tee Spot, there was nothing to worry or to doubt! The improvement I have seen through my child is amazing. She has a place to feel joy and comfort! The main difference with Tee Spot is that they are passionate and care for each child and I can see it on my daughters face every time I pick her up. I’m happy that Ms. Tee and her team do so well with their daycare!

G. James

Tee Spot has been an amazing place for my daughter to learn and grow. Since moving my daughter to Tee Spot she has learned to count to 20, her ABC’s, shapes and colors, as well as too many songs to count. Not only has she learned academics but she is also learning about self-help, making friends, using her big girl words and being kind to others. I don’t know where we would be without Tee Spot. It’s the best place to be!

H. Baker

"We have been with Ms. Tee & Tee Spot since Braxton was 7 weeks old, almost three years later of outstanding care learning and nurturing there is no other place I would rather have my children grow. The dedication from the whole team is amazing, we cannot thank Tee Spot Reaching Higher Heights LLC enough for taking the time and love it takes for each child to succeed."

K. Robinson

Tee Spot is a wonderful center. My child is growing so much every day!

M. Orefice

Our daughter is excited every morning to see her teachers and friends!

E. Hebel

Tee Spot is an amazing school with great teachers. It has a great atmosphere and the kids always have a great day at Tee Spot.

J. Nelly

Coming from a parent whom was beyond anxious about placing her first born in any facility, Tee Spot was able to beyond swoon me with not only their capabilities, but their true passion to aid in the development of our littles. Tee Spot has not only been a true blessing for our child, but our family as well. We adore our Tee Spot family.

Keys Family

We appreciate the love our son receives everyday from his caregivers.

A. Himelright

Tee Spot has been nothing but positive outcomes since my kids started almost a year ago. Not only did they help my daughter learn how to walk not long after coming here, but they helped me fully potty train my son after struggling to accomplish.

Hunterburger Family

We have had our son at Tee Spot since they opened and are extremely pleased with this program! The teachers truly care about the children's development, well-being and overall growth. Our son continues to thrive in this program every single day! We are both at ease knowing our son is treated like family at Tee Spot and loves coming here every day. 

C. Cook

When I was nearing the end of my maternity leave I had to make the tough decision of who was going to take care of my newborn baby. After touring Tee Spot, I immediately knew this is where my son needed to be. Ms. Tee and her staff were so supportive and reassuring that my son would thrive at her center. Now 13 months later, I couldn't picture him anywhere else. Ms. Tee and her staff always put the children and their development first. I am always informed of everything involving my sons development. My family and I are forever grateful for the peace of mind Tee Spot gives us daily. 

E. Arenas

I absolutely love Tee Spot! Ms. Tee is very dedicated to our children and has their best interests at heart. My son has progressed noticeably both socially and academically. We've had a wonderful experience.  

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