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Tee Spot Reaching Higher Heights is a limited liability company established March 27, 2014. Tee
Spot was built on the vision of a young lady at the age of twenty-one years old. In March of
2014, Tee Spot was founded in her home basement.

In 2014, Ms. Tee was supported by her village and a host of parents and friends. Those
encouraged her to create the dream of providing exceptional care for young children and
creative teaching.

It was 2016 when Ms. Tee began searching for the right place to call home for Tee Spot. The
company was growing and thriving, as her vision grew greater. After a year of searching, Ms.
Tee found the perfect building; a bullet proof lobby, key fob doors and lots of green space for
students to play and explore. In January of 2017, at the age of 21 years old Ms. Tee expanded
her early childhood business to serve more families in the community.

A short few months after opening our new 3,675 square foot facility we had a waiting list. After
five years we have officially announced the expansion of our facility to 6, 323 square feet,
growing the vision daily and open enrollment to the community.

Today, Mrs. Tee still receives endless support beginning at the foundation she has built from past to
present families. Although, she has built the foundation for Tee Spot, it continues to grow as we
are surrounded by passionate people who will uphold the vision and philosophy. Mrs. Tee
recognizes that Tee Spot has outgrown her hands, fingers, and lap however it will never
outgrow her heart.

She believes firmly in the vision of her company and with God anything is possible. Her goal is
to continue to expand her company to serve more families in the community, providing them
with a remarkable learning experience.

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