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Hello my name is Tiarra Payne, owner, and director of Tee Spot Reaching Higher Heights LLC. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. Over the past five years I have completed many Early Childhood Education course that have enhanced my knowledge of the stages of development in young children. Today, I continue taking courses and completing workshops related to early childhood education. We are all capable of learning something new. I’ve had the opportunity to work with young children from infants to school aged and I truly enjoy them all.  From nurturing, teaching and guiding. I’m extremely passionate about children, and love to aid in their growth and development.

In March 27, 2014 I opened Tee Spot Reaching Higher Heights LLC, a small business that I knew would rapidly bloom. We began our journey as a small in home daycare and grew into a child day care center. I have truly been able to walk in my purpose, and provide children with remarkable learning experiences, a loving and safe place to grow, and create bonds with students that last beyond my care.

My purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others, leaving footprints in their hearts that will encourage them to let their voice be heard and make a difference.

 “With my own two hands I can change the world, make a better place with my own two hands, make a kinder place with my own two hands and make a brighter place with my own two hands.”

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